Reinventing Europe through inclusive local initiative

This website was created to support the initiatives, and build a virtual network, of practitioners, NGOs, grassroots organisations and local authorities working with disadvantaged Roma communities. It is aimed in particular, but not exclusively, at those working at local level in Europe and neighboring regions.

The goal is to share local experience and practical know-how, based on existing local initiatives. This is done by presenting examples of successful projects and guidelines that focus on developing or improving processes and replicable models of social inclusion and desegregation through community-led local development. These projects cover areas such as housing, inclusive education, and improved access to services and legitimate income opportunities. Through this work, these initiatives are creating the necessary conditions for local communities to make their home cities, towns or villages places where all inhabitants have equal rights and equal access to services and opportunities.


This website also responds to the need to support networking for inclusive development, which is still lacking at both EU and local level, especially in the new EU Member States.

Although the focus is on Roma-related issues, many of the approaches and methods presented are also relevant to other vulnerable communities.


The website, and the related virtual network, have been developed and are maintained by AEIDL, the European Association for Information on Local Development. AEIDL has a longstanding experience in, and commitment to, supporting local initiative and cultural diversity in Europe.  AEIDL considers this diversity and local inventiveness as a strength and an essential ingredient in building an inclusive and forward-looking Europe.

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Our desire is to reinvent Europe as a welcoming place for everyone who lives here.


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